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R.F.M.C. Rabbitry


~Raising Quality Holland Lop's in Oregon~


~Stacey and Adam~



Thank you for everyone that has sent me e-mails regarding some of my Holland Lop Rabbits. I sold out of them about 2 years ago but haven't been able to get this site updated till now. I apologize for the slow response...

I know someday I will get back into Hollands and want to thank everyone that has been such a great help to me and the friendships I have formed along the way..

***Stacey Daletas***


Welcome to R.F.M.C. Rabbitry, located in Pleasant Hill, Oregon just outside of Eugene. We strive to produce the best quality Holland Lop's and wonderful temperments as well. My foundation lines are Belokonny and Pitney exclusively, but we occasionally outcross with Ormond and Lugo with some Critter CO*OP (Zemny) and Wardlow (CJ) lines as well. I have been raising Hollands for about 2 years now and have learned so much and continue to learn more about this wonderful breed. We attend shows all over Oregon and starting to make it to some Washington shows as well. We hope to someday start attending some California shows soon. R.F.M.C. works with the more common "colors" such as Tort, Black, Sable Point and Blue. We work on type over color, but occasionaly we do end up with colors in some of our litters. Please take a look at my site and enjoy :) If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at: or Call me at 1 (541) 741-7153 Thank you so much and enjoy your stay! Stacey Daletas

~R.F.M.C.'s Liberty~

~R.F.M.C.'s Liberty~
Beautiful Tort, Sr. Doe
Multiple BOS's and BOV's
~Now living with Carole of Ohio~


~Contact Information~
Stacey Daletas
85179 Ridgeway Rd.
Pleasant Hill, Oregon
1 (541)-741-7153
If you need to get a hold of me or e-mail me at:
Screen Name:

~R.F.M.C.'s Dream Size~

 ~R.F.M.C.'s Dream Size~
Bkn. Tort, Sr. Doe
A real nice upcoming doe with a lot of potential...!
*3 Jr. Legs, 2 BOV and 2 BOSV*
~Now living in Ohio with Carole~

~R.F.M.C.'s Skyler~

~R.F.M.C.'s Skyler~
5 Legs
Skyler is an awesome
little Sr. Buck!
Multiple BOB'S and BOS
~Now living with the Papacosta family in California~


~GC Autumn Daze Harley~
Beautiful Black Sr. Doe
*17 Legs*
Countless BOB's and BOS's
~Now living with Jan of Washington~