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R.F.M.C. Rabbitry
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~WALLY'S Page~

This Page, is a page all about our special little bunny named Wally...
Wally is a Tort, Buck that was born with a condition called Splayed Legs (meaning, that his spine is misshapened, and his legs are deformed)...
My beautiful GC, Tort Doe that has never had a problem with any of her babies before (GC Bodette) kindled 1 kit in her nestbox. I checked the kit over and really didn't notice anything wrong with it at first. As the days went on, and "Wally" was about 1 week old my mom and I really started to notice that something was wrong with Wally, and that his legs were not shaped right, not allowing him to hop normally.
~Pic. of Wally at 2 1/2 weeks old~


As you can see from the above pic. that Wally's back legs stick straight out to his sides. He got the name Wally, because he can't hop, but looks like a Walrus as he hops in a swimming motion...
We asked a lot of different breeders and vets what we should do with little Wally, and most of them told us we should just put him down as he won't live another month anyways. We didn't give up on Wally though, as he had so much will to live and strength. Wally couldn't nurse from his mom as he couldn't flip over on his back, so we had to take Bodette in our lap and flip her over on her back and place Wally on her stomach to nurse. That was the only way he could survive.
Wally never gave up and was always growing so we never gave up on him either. He wasn't in any pain at all, and was as healthy as he could be despite his legs and spine.
He lives in our house and gets to exercise on his blanket on our kitchen floor.  He really can get around well on the blanket (well, swim) and everyday he gets let outside to "hop" in the grass. You can always tell where Wally has been, as he leaves a perfect circle indent in the grass where he has been :)
When Wally turned 4 months old, my family could hardly believe that he was still alive and healthy as can be! It was Christmas time so we put some Antler's on his head and took a pic. of him, as we wanted a pic. to remember him by as we had no clue how much longer he would live.
~Pic. of Wally in his Antlers at 4 months old~


The pic. of Wally with his Antler's on gave my mom and me the idea to start a Calander of Wally... We wanted to take some more pictures of Wally and have a Calander made from the pic. we have taken of him...
Below are some of the Pictures we have taken of him, to start are Calander next year.


Wally does Cinco De Mayo

Wally does graduation

Wally fights fires

As you can see from the above pictures that Wally truly is a very special bunny and a very spoiled on at that, as he lives in the house and get's to roam in the grass everyday for his therapy.
Wally is almost a year old now and is doing better then ever, and has never shown any sign of being in pain at all.  We hope to make a Calander for Wally next year so keep checking back with new pic. that we post on here of Wally to help finish his calander.
Let me know what you think of Wally and if you have any questions or comments....
Thank you!
Stacey Daletas